Yasmin Suteja is an Australian Director of Balinese and Greek heritage. She has worked between Bali and Sydney. Yasmin began her career as a photographer which lead her to directing accomanying motion for fashion and lifestyle campaigns.

In 2018, Yasmin directed her brother Kai Suteja’s comedy series “Woes” funded by ABC Fresh Blood. 

Yasmin won the Microsoft Creators Grant in 2019 for which she produced, directed and featured in a fashion film exploring the performance of identity.

Yasmin has developed a strong vibrant and playful aesthetic style that is consistent in her work. She brings an enthusiastic can-do attitude to set.

Commerically, Yasmin has worked with brands such as Bumble, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, JD Sport, Rebel Sport, Bonds. She directed the  ‘Want You To Know’ music video for Australian artist, Asta.

After studying a Bachelor of Arts in Communication at University of Technology Sydney, Yasmin went on to start her own production company Culture Machine.

2021 saw Yasmin co-directed ABC funded web series “Rosaline’s Untaming” alongside creator / director Olivia Suleimon.